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Best Decision!
Best decision we ever made!
Amber N.
Amazing place!
KRK is an amazing school, with amazing teachers, and an amazing curriculum. You cannot go wrong, and Lauren, Gary and Angel are just wonderful people.
Kendal B.
Thank you, KRK-Carrollton
My daughter started at 3 months old and is soon to be graduating into kindergarten. We are so grateful for the staff, as well as the owners, Gary and Angel, because every one of them has helped shape her development and growth. And, already for some time, she is already beyond the requirements of kindergarten. We have made a great decision bringing our baby here. You can feel confident bringing your most precious to be cared for, loved, and supported by the teachers here, too. They are genuine. Thank you, Kids R Kids, for providing us a very special place for our daughter.
Christian C.
Peace of Mind is Priceless
When I started looking for daycares it was an easy decision to choose this daycare. It was the first school I toured and also the last. I didn't go to any others I didn't need to this was the place for us. From the moment you walk through the front door, a friendly face always greets you. I was always impressed by the fact that each person that works there knows every child's name! It's all the small things. I love having the cameras and the ability to watch what is happening whenever I can. The hardest thing about having a child in daycare is not being with them so this really takes some fear out of leaving your child in the care if another. I am also thrilled with the addition of Tadpoles! I can't get enough of the pictures, videos and daily updates. I really feel as though each of the ladies that my son is with truly cares for him and goes above and beyond to make sure he is okay. He has been attending this daycare for just about a year now, and I don't have anything negative to say about this daycare. People ask, "isn't it hard to leave your kid at daycare?" And to that I say no, as long as you're in the right place! Our son has had a few medical issues and the teachers are really wonderful about alerting me if he is "off" and might be getting sick again. They are always concerned with his well-being and want to make sure he is okay. Overall we have had a wonderful experience at Kids R Kids. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. We are expecting another child in April so we will have another kiddo in this school. Having peace of mind about the hands your child is in is priceless.
K. Boyer
Private Kindergarten at Kids R Kids
My husband and I were debating between sending our daughter to Kids R Kids Private Kindergarten or to public school. We could not be happier with the decision we made by sending our daughter to Kids R Kids Private Kinder. Mrs. Rigg is a GREAT teacher! She is nothing less than amazing! She has the experience needed to guide and teach our children in order to help them excel and be 1st grade ready. She understands what each, individual child needs and spends 1:1 time with them to give them that extra push or to help challenge their minds. The class size is a lot smaller compared to public school, which is extremely important when teaching young minds. There is more attention given to each child based on their individual needs. The curriculum and technology this school has is absolutely outstanding! Mrs. Rigg and Kids R Kids has so much to offer your child. We have seen our daughter evolve into such a great reader and mathematician! Mrs. Rigg goes above and beyond to help each child. We hope every teacher our child has is as dedicated and compassionate as Mrs. Rigg. We hope you make the same decision we did. You will be very pleased and delighted. Good Luck! M. Morani
M. Morani
Private Kindergarten
As a current KRK Kinder parent, I wanted to share with you how I made my decision to stay at KRK for Kinder as well as what we have experienced during the current school year. When it was time to decide between enrolling our child in private kinder at KRK or in a public school we were very torn with the decision. Some items that helped us make our decision were as follows: 1) Small class size – currently our child only has 12 students in their class which gives her a great student- teacher ratio 2) Familiarity – all the staff already knew our child and she knew them 3) Transition – we felt that making a transition in first grade would be easier on our child than switching schools in Kindergarten 4) Location and convenience – there was no change in our daily routine and it was convenient for our needs; also no need for our child to go to another after school program, get on a bus, etc. – safer in other words 5) Ownership involvement – Mr. Gary is just as involved now as he has always been, we feel that his leadership helps make the private Kinder program a step ahead of public school in many different ways whether it is cleanliness, communication, community involvement, etc. During the current school year we have been incredibly pleased with our child’s academic and social achievements. KRK has continued to challenge her and encourage her. As a kindergartener, our child is doing addition, subtraction and counting by 5’s and 10’s and reading at a 99 percentile for her age group. Mrs. Rigg is a fabulous teacher and loves the kids so much. All of the kids are so excited to see her every morning. She does a great job with the kids teaching them not only the required curriculum but also how to treat each other with respect. Just like in the other classes at KRK we have 2 parent-teacher conferences (fall / spring) and Mrs. Rigg is always available via notes and emails or making time to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress. I hope this letter is helpful to you in making your decision for your child. Sincerely, C. Hill
C. Hill
100 on her first Kinder assessments!
My daughter Presley started at Kids R Kids Castle Hills when she was 2 years old. We had her in an in home daycare, feeling it was a nice safe place for her to be. It was. However, we felt is was more "babysitting" than learning. I toured Kids R Kids and was floored by all the technology and experience that the teachers had. From day 1 at KRK I never doubted that this place was the perfect stepping stone to prepare her for kindergarten. We just had her first 9 week Kinder assessment parent/teacher confrence. WOW!!! Not only was Presley ready for Kindergarten, she was the ONLY child in her class to score 100's on every single assessment!!!! Kids R Kids has out of this world teachers and proven results!!!
April Parker
My daughter is reading at a 2nd grade level!!!
I just wanted to take a second to provide some personal feedback on my experience with Kids are Kids Castle Hills. My daughter Grace attended Kids are Kids for a little over a year and half and through the different stages and class rooms they always provided and ran a first class operation. Since this was my first child I suppose I didn’t really put much though into what she was learning or where she stood educationally in comparison to other kids her age, I just assumed she was too young to be worry about focusing on academics. In August it was time for Grace to move on to a public elementary school in Frisco. At my first parent teacher conference her teacher continued on and on about how well she was doing and had said that she was the best reader in her class. Just before Christmas break and several good job letters home we decided to have her reading level tested. She was reading at a second grade level and when we saw the results we were shocked! The most shocking statement that the tester had said to us is that he had never seen a child this young reading quietly to herself while be able to comprehend everything that was just read. I have to say that this advance start that my daughter has is all thanks to Kids are Kids and their top notch staff. They not only worked with her to understand phonics numbers and computers but they created that spark that made learning fun. Still to this day my daughter still talks about her book buddies and I believe that this program is what really got her interested reading. When I walked in the door to pick up my tax info nearly five months after ever being present at the school they still knew exactly who I was and my daughter’s name and every little detail about her. It was also a great feeling to see Gary Hadley (the owner) played an active role in the daily operation of the facility. This facility is a five star establishment, generally from past experiences with other day cares what I’ve came to realize is that you get what you pay for, but at Kids are Kids you actually are receiving more than what you would expect to receive and no other schools/ daycares can even come close. I highly highly recommend this school I’m so happy that we stumbled upon this great school. -Steve Licari
Steve Licari
Private Kinder Experience
I felt our daughter was advanced because of her pre-k experience at Kids R Kids. We did not want to lose that momentum going into kindergarten having her bored. The teacher and program at KRK Private Kinder is set up for individualized instruction and small groups. This way she can be challenged and progress instead of regress. We are thrilled with the program and recommend it highly.
H.R. - TX
Private Kinder vs. Local Elementary
We went back and forth on sending our daughter to KRK or our neighborhood elementary which is rated very high. In the end, we chose KRK due to the small class size and the opportunity for instruction in a private environment where resources were directed at a program instead of pulled from a program. We could not be happier! She has grown so much in her vocabulary, reading and math skills and overall maturity. She has daily homework that is very manageable but really helps reinforce ideas. She loves doing it and was teaching her older brother about fractions recently! They have a weekly project that parents can help the children do and the kids present each Friday. This has really helped her confidence and related skills. She also gets technology EVERY day whereas my older son had it as a special once a week. You have immediate access to the teacher daily at drop off or pick up (you cant do that at elementary school where the kids line up for bus or car time with a teacher on-duty). The teacher truly cares about each child and the curriculum is exceptional. This was the BEST decision we could have made for our daughter.
A. H. - TX
Son loves Private Kinder at Kids R Kids Castle Hills
Since he began Private Kinder at KRK, we have been delighted with our sons self-confidence growth as well as his new found enthusiasm for science, math and reading. In addition to the cool field trips, the small kindergarten class size coupled with a great teacher has been ideal to interest and prepare him for elementary school next fall.
L.L - TX
Private Kinder at KRK
I chose KRK private kinder because my daughter was approaching kinder and I felt was very delayed. We moved to KRK at the end of her pre k experience coming from another school. She could not completely recognize her letters or numbers. I knew I was going to have her attend kinder twice, and I wanted to start her in a smaller environment where there were less children so she could receive more one-on-one assistance. Since my daughter has been in the kinder program, she has made improvement in leaps and bounds! I am so pleased with the level of learning she has received in such a short period of time. This is a very hands on program. She has been able to really understand and retain the information she is learning. KRK often incorporates a field trip with the topic they are learning about so the kids can really get a visual and hands on learning experience!
C.W - TX
Private Kinder at KRK was the Best Decision for our son
Our son has a summer birthday so we were very torn with starting him in the public school kindergarten. So, we jumped at the opportunity for him to stay at Kids R Kids for one more year. We loved the idea of a small class size which enables the teacher to spend more time with each student. Another great thing about the KRK kinder program is that they are incorporating regular field trips and activities into the curriculum to further expand the classroom learning objectives. The teacher is wonderful and goes above and beyond to make sure each child is successful in the classroom. We have been absolutely thrilled with our sons accomplishments this semester. He has learned so much from reading, to math, to improving his writing skills, and the list goes on and on. Choosing to stay at Kids R Kids for private kindergarten was the BEST decision we could have made for our son.
J. Robinson - TX
Exceptional Education
Since our son started at Kids R Kids Castle Hills, we have had nothing but positive experiences. He started in the infant room at 8 weeks old and has excelled ever since. The love and care for he has recieved since day 1 is second to none. He is now almost 2 and has progressed so much in his current class. He comes home excited from school... he sings, does sign language, recites his colors, and does activities like brushing his teeth independantly.... all before the age of 2! The teachers in the classroom are absolutely amazing... they communicate exceptionally well, and are always there to offer advice when it is asked of them. I couldn`t imagine having our son anywhere but Kids R Kids. We are truly blessed that he is able to get an exceptional education. Gary, Angel, and the rest of the staff really do care about each family and we cannot thank them enough.
J. C. - TX
Private Kinder
Two years ago I made the choice to place my children at Kids R Kids Castle Hills. I would not put them anywhere else. We looked around for an environment which would enable them to grow as individuals while also teaching them to function in a classroom setting. I have complete reassurance that my children are loved, well cared for and are learning at a higher level than other centers that are out there. I have never had a "bad drop off" where my kids have not wanted to go to school. They love school. The teachers are professional and communicate well. Any time I have a concern, they are quick to address it and offer multiple solutions which we can collaborate on together. I have had a good rapport with every employee with which I have interacted. Kids R Kids also offers private kindergarten. This was an easy choice for our family since my child was familiar with the school and staff. There is a high level of focus on reading comprehension and phonological awareness. The class size is small, which is important to me, especially in this day when public school staff is being downsized and teacher/student ratios are going up. I do not hesitate to say, choosing a childcare facility is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Our experience with Kids R Kids has given my children a strong educational foundation as well as helped them begin to develop and build on life skills.
Michael - TX
Above and Beyond
I can`t tell you how many times I`ve sat down to write a review of Kids R Kids Castle Hills. I have so many amazing experiences, I`ve never known where to start. We transferred my daughter here after she turned one. Now, 2.5, she still loves it every day. TRULY AMAZING: A few months ago our daughter was really sick and hospitalized. We don`t have family in town, so our friends, neighbors, and the staff at KRK stepped in to help us in any way they could. We were humbled beyond belief! Our first day in the hospital was filled from calls from the front desk staff, office staff and her teachers. The next day we received a visit from Gary (one of the owners), checking in on us. The management team offered to sit with her at the hospital after work and over the weekend, so my husband and I could take little breaks. These are things that you won`t find at any school. It`s different here...they are truly family to us and hundreds of other families, and we couldn`t be more honored to be a part of their school! ABOVE AND BEYOND: I consider myself one of those parents that will do anything I can to provide the best for my daughter. Moving her to KRK has been one of our best decisions. We were recommended by 3 families to move here and since have recommended many others. A few things that really stood out to us about Kids R Kids Castle Hills: The playground is covered and wood chips have been replaced with a soft, turf-like grass, each room is individually ventilated so germs don`t travel around the school, Smartboard, Splash Pad, Little Flippers, Drama and Music Man are all part of the program (my daughter LOVES these), there are cameras in place, so you can check in on your kiddos any time of the day, reviews of teachers and curriculums are sent out quite often (and believe me...they take all ideas into consideration), and there is always someone available to talk to. I find the staff to be exceptional and accommodating, and the lesson plans are age appropriate. LOVE and EDUCATION: My 2 year old knows all of her shapes, letters, colors, almost 50 words in sign language, can count to 20 in English and 10 in Spanish, sings songs, knows a lot of letter sounds, etc...If you`re looking for a school that goes out of their way to educate and love...This is the place!
T. Spangler - TX
Best Place for Pre-schoolers
Since my children started attending Kids R Kids in Carrollton, I have seen them grow and learn, and I am impressed with the skills and knowledge they come home with and share! In addition, I have been equally happy with the staff. They are always friendly, helpful, and show genuine concern for my children. Thank you for taking care of my children and teaching them in the spirit of excellence!
Amy - TX
Very Blessed!
Thank you! My family and I are far beyond Blessed to have our child in this location. After many....many weeks of searching for the right place. We felt a warm, home feeling with Kids R Kids. Thank you to the entire staff for investing in our childern. As a parent you know that you want the BEST for them, this place offers that and more. Very Blessed!
Jason B - TX
Thank you!
Just a little feedback for you. You guys are wonderful communicators--truly! I never wonder what`s on the menu, special events calendar, or what`s happening in the classroom. You offer so much more than than the previous Montessori where we were paying a mortgage every month--literally! From Opus music, to Flippers, and now the Smart Board--I am so very impressed with the diverse education my daughter is receiving. She has only attended since August, and I am BEYOND pleased. It`s easy to surmise how your school is winning awards and gaining high praise. Thank you for peace of mind every day--that`s the number one blessing a parent could ask for in a school or childcare environment. My daughter loves to tell me about her day. And she loves the staff, as do I. Everyone knows my name and greets me with enthusiasm. I just can`t tell you how good it feels. My only regret is that we didn`t find you sooner. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
Kelly K. - TX
Grandson thriving
Since he started KRK Castle Hills, I have noticed so many changes in my grandson. He talks all the time about his teachers and how he loves them. He is three. When I visit, he sings me songs, tells me about concepts that he is learning(math/literacy) and last week he was spouting out his colors in Spanish and introduced himself to me in Spanish. I was so impressed. This preschool is a "real school"- not a daycare. Also, when I see him on camera, the other kids also all look so happy. KRK Castle Hills combines learning with fun- what could be better for a preschool!
We just can`t express our appreciation!
When we found KRK, my daughter and son had been through horrible experiences with another daycare in the area. Angel, Gary, Lauren, and the rest of the staff were truly heaven sent to help us. They will do anything to ensure the protection and emotional security of all children entrusted in their care. We love you all!
K & L - TX
Excellent Curriculum and Staff
I am very impressed with Kids R Kids. The staff is friendly and they actually care about the kids. Ms. Angel and Mr. Gary, the owners of this wonderful facility are always available and run a very efficient establishment. I appreciate their dedication to having a professional staff and more importantly happy kids. My son loves going to Kids R Kids, he often wakes up on the weekend hoping that it is a week day, so he can attend Kids R Kids.
Livia C. - TX
Our 2nd Family
If you are considering a school for your child, this school is hands-down the BEST DECISION you can make for your child. We chose this school for the consistent curriculums/programs that they have for the schoolers, the warm environment, and the OUTSTANDING TEACHERS! The teachers and staff at this school are very involved and have definitely become our second family. If you can leave your children, go to work with peace of mind - you know your children are in the right hands.
Holland - TX
Couldn`t Be Happier
We have two sons aged 2 and 4 that have been with KidsRKids Castle Hills since March 2009 and couldnt be happier. The location owners are accessible, friendly, and care about providing the best pre-school experience possible for each child. The facility itself is fresh, clean, and bright and has the benefit of video so that we can see what our children are doing at any time. Most importantly, the classroom teachers are nurturing and engaging and the children genuinely like going to school every morning. Our 2 year old is proud of the songs he learns and the numbers he can count; and our 4 year old is so excited about his classrooms weekly Show and Tell that he usually plans what to take to talk about a week ahead of time. In short, KRK Castle Hills has given us peace of mind that our children are in a safe and enriching environment every weekday.
Very pleased
We have been at KRK Castle Hills for a year and it was one of the best decisions we made to send our son here. He is very engaged. People often comment that he seems older than two and a half. I`m convinced it is because of the skills he`s learned (intellectually, socially and even potty training) at KRK. Also, the managerial staff has made a real difference. Gary and Angel truly care about our kids and take great interest in their well being, as well as parent feedback. From the web cams to the covered outdoor playards in the hot TX sun -- the tuition is well worth it. I appreciate not getting additional fees through out the year like I experienced elsewhere. They are consistent on every front!
M. Elliott - TX
Hands on....
Our daughter has been attending KRK since December 2008. The staff worked well with her (and us) to ease her transition. As the staff and school continues to grow and develop there is a true constant, Gary and Angel Hadley (the owners). They care about your child(ren) and your family. They are always available for any concerns you might have, and to make KRK the best school it can become. We are glad we are part of the KRK family.
M.W. - TX
Summer Camp Rocks
We are so excited to return to Kids R Kids for summer camp this year. They run a five star program with quality field trips and a great variety of in-house activities (including this cool spray water park that all ages of the school get to use in summer). I know the kids are also very safe. My child told me all last summer "they are always counting us and checking roll." I thought that was funny for a second grader but was so reassured to know that when my son is in a "public" area outside the school that the staff is really supervising. He can`t WAIT to go back and looks at his "calendar" all the time!
Best decision
Deciding to put our son in a preschool was a very difficult decision for me, I didn`t want to be away from him! And needless to say, when he started school at Kids R Kids, he had a very difficult time adjusting. But I cannot believe how wonderful not only just the teachers have been, but the rest of the staff as well! Everyone there knows his name and how he is doing. Now instead of crying every morning while getting him dressed, he keeps saying over and over "I go see Miss Cindy! I go see Miss Cindy!". I have noticed such a huge improvement in his development. My son had been in speech therapy for a year prior to starting school because of a speech delay. And since starting school his speech has just blown me away, just within the first week! I love all the projects and artwork he brings home. I am collecting it all, it`s so much fun to see what he is doing every day. I love the staff and teachers, and they have my full trust when it comes to the care of my child.
C. Green - TX
Best Decision Made
Prior to coming to KRK my girls were in a home dacare center that closed due to the owners health. The previous year had been extremely tough on our family and I was concerned with how the change would affect them. Angel and Gary were absolutely wonderful in understanding my fears and concerns and took the time, then and now, to put them to rest. The staff has been absolutely wonderful, my girls love going up there and I`ve seen such growth in the past 15 months. I dread the thought of kindergarten (in a little more than a yar) and am definitely considering KRK`s private kindergarten should it be available (as another parent said "if Ms. Alissa were the teacher it would be a slam dunk!") From the staff, the internet access, to the availability of "extra curricular" activities KRKs provides my children with the best of everything and I am able to go to work knowing my kids are safe, learning and loved.
C.T. - TX
Fantastic School!
KRK has been so fantastic. It is so hard to leave your infant to go to work, but knowing that they take such amazing care of my son makes it much easier. They are also fantastic at guiding me along the way... so hard to know what to do sometimes! The infant teachers helped him to transition to a sippy cup, to sit up independantly, and to begin to communicate. I truly feel that they care about my child as an individual and that is so important. It is also nice to be able to check in on him online during the day. I never feel like he is that far away.
In good hands
After researching and visiting several daycares in the area I finally let go of my little girl when she turned 1 year old KRK staff was the best in all around care and nurturing of my precious miracle baby. The staff greets me daily as if I am their top priority and treats my child as if their own. The teachers are wonderful with the kids and give them lots of one on one attention, yet plenty of room to learn and grow independently as well. Developmentally I can tell a big difference from when I first took her in to KRK. She is talking more, singing and eager to get involved in anything and with anyone ... I contribute this to the hands on approach of the entire staff. The owners Angel and Gary are very involved in the day to day activities and communication with the parents ... in my case - last year I had a near death experience and was hospitalized for a month KRK took special care and gave extra hugs and kisses to my little one who I did not see for a whole month thanks to the internet access to webcams in the school I had daily motivation seeing my little girl throughout the day they even took care of my family sending well wishes and food to my home in my absence. My husband and I are so thankful to know our angel is in a safe and loving environment when she can not be in our own arms. Thanks KRK Sandi & Fernando C. - TX
Sandi & Fernando C. - TX
Smooth Transition for Mommy and Baby
Just wanted to thank you so much for making my transition to work super smooth. The staff in the infant suite is awesome. I have full faith and confidence in them. Every employee I`ve come in contact with has been warm and friendly. They are also extremely helpful. I`m so happy that we are in the Kids R Kids family. I toured many schools before deciding where to place my daughter and KRK was the clear choice! I look forward to many days with Kids R Kids Carrollton!
Allison J. - TX
Nurturing Environment
My wife and I decided on KRK after visiting many day cares in the area. We were most impressed with the facilities and the staff. My son has been at KRK for 9 months now and we love it. The owners, Gary and Angel are there EVERY day. They along with the entire staff genuinely care about my son and other children in their facility. The teachers have gone above and beyond to accommodate our rather unusual feeding schedule. We go to work everyday knowing that our son is in very capable hands. We look forward to many more great years with KRK.
K.K - TX
Wonderful decision
What a wonderful school! We have had our daughter in Kids R Kids since they opened in September of 08! It was absolutely the best move we made for our daughter and her education! She has risen to new levels in every area of her life and we are so happy with every thing Kids R Kids offers her to excel in everything! We are expecting our second child in July and it`s so wonderful to know we already have a great day care to be able to go to!
K.H. - TX
Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with Leukemia. It really "took a village" for our, then, 2 year old. I was in the hospital for about 5 months. We could not have asked for a better place for our son. The whole KRK family has been so supportive of our family situation and willing to help out where they could. We appreciate Angel and Gary more than they could ever know. Our son loves his friends, teachers, and the curriculum. When we first visited the school I was very impressed with the staff. Ms. Emily was his first teacher and she made me feel so comfortable leaving my child there. Now she is one of the directors. The girls are not there just to earn a paycheck, they really do love the kids and have the backgrounds to help teach them pre-school skills.
S. Young - TX
Peace of mind
Having access to the webcams included has given me great peace of mind with my infant. I know she is getting the attention and 1 on 1 time that she needs, and has access to books, music, and toys.
S.S. - TX
This is a great school!
Over the past year we`ve been with the school, our older daughter has gone from just starting to spell her own name to an independent reader! She loves her teachers, and she`s learned so much with the pre-k curriculum. My daughter thinks learning is fun, and Kids R Kids has encouraged her natural curiosity and creativity while preparing her for the elementary school environment.
A.S. - TX
Children Thriving
March 2010 will mark the anniversary date for my two children at KRK. Prior to transferring them from their previous daycare, I had interviewed the KRK management about curriculum and care giver qualifications and overall expectations. I`m happy to say that KRK surpassed our family`s expectations! Our boys are thriving. The small child-to-care giver/teacher ratio is ideal. Both children are learning while they grow in a nurturing and safe environment. Although we`re a year or so out from the decision, we`re already considering KRK for private kindergarten (and if a care giver like Ms. Alissa were to teach that program, then decision would be a slam dunk!)
L. Lovett - TX
Couldn`t be happier!
Our son started at KRK when he was 6 months old. He is now 19 months old and we have really been impressed with every facet of KRK. He has been through the infant room, the crawler suite, and now is with the toddlers. His teachers and the entire staff have always been great communicators and have shown a genuine interest in getting to know our family. Angel and Gary do a great job of making sure every teacher in the building is highly qualified and loves the kids. We also love the fact that we can watch him at any time on the webcams. We couldn`t be happier with Kids R Kids.
Jon and Jamie K. - TX
Wonderful School!
After trying several other daycare centers in the area, we are so glad to have found such a great place! Our son loves it here and so do we. The facilities, environment, activities, teachers and staff are all top-notch. We feel our son is in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. He is exposed to great learning experiences and opportunities. He has learned so much since coming to KRK. We also love we can watch him throughout the day right from our desk! We all want the best for our children and have definitely found that here!
C. & K. Lavalais - TX
Fantastic Place!
My entire family loves Kids R Kids! My 2 sons started attending during a very difficult health period of my life in September 08. The staff was amazing with both boys and very supportive of me as I recovered from several surgeries. My youngest child attended their Pre-K program last year and his teacher was the best!! He started Kindergarten this year more than prepared. He still attends the after school program and summer camp. He loves it and I never have to worry about him while at Kids R Kids because I know he is always in great hands!
Shelley Dobmeier - TX
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